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Bigfoot Expedition Tickets are available now!!!!

Please email me the size of the shirt you need.

Tickets are $135.00 per person and include a free (I survived a Bigfoot Hunt with Adam Davies.) T-Shirt that they will autograph for you plus a small flashlight.  Everyone that buys a ticket will be giving more details the day of the event.  You will have to drive to the location yourself which not far away from the event. Very Limited amount of tickets are available. 

Ken Gerhard will also be there guiding you along with Adam Davies. 

Well get ready for a night that you won't ever forget!   Kids 12 and up are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult!  The actual hunt will be at an undisclosed location. Ticket holders will be responsible for the transportation to the sight which will be given the day of the event. 

Each person that buys a ticket must sign a wavier before you leave the event. This is to protect yourself and us in case of an accident. You will be in the real wilderness where they are real dangers such as a fall or animals.  The location where the hunt will be done at won't be over 30 mins away from the convention. Each person that goes will be given a free flashlight to use once it gets dark. 

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